Are you baffled by phonics?

Struggling to help your child at home?

Feeling frustrated or worried?

It's not how you were taught to read!

Do you want to:

  • give your child the best start in reading and writing?

  • understand how and what they learn in school?

  • feel confident to help them learn at home?

  • learn how to make phonics fun?

Let us help you

Join 'First Year Phonics' today and get:

  • clearly explained information that won't make your brain ache!
  • all of the sounds and words that children learn in their first year of school in a handy download
  • resource downloads
  • exactly how to help your child to read and write
  • fun game and play ideas
  • detailed videos in 6 carefully organised units
  • detailed modelling of how to say sounds correctly
  • course overview download
  • access to help along the way via email or direct messaging

It's all of the information you need to be a phonics know it all!


Mum to Maya (6) and Imogen (4)


Mum to five year old


Mum to Darcey (4) and Freddie (1)

All of the above for just:

The workshop creators

This workshop was created by us; Em, on the left, and Vix, on the right.

We have used our broad experience teaching children in the Early Years, supporting parents and school leadership to build an easy to access and understand course.

It's guaranteed to give you confidence to support your child's phonics learning alongside what they are being taught in school.