Programme Introduction

Welcome to School Ready with Teddy. In this video I introduce myself and Teddy and explain how the sessions work. You can work through the videos in to best suit your setting, they are organised into weeks with one area to focus on each week.

Each week includes an adult guide which is about 10 minutes. This is really useful for adults to watch prior to the sessions to understand the expectations at school and the key skills which children can be supported to develop.

The Teddy videos are designed to be watched by the children to explore a key area and to think about a problem which Teddy has encountered. They have an opportunity for you to pause to talk about the story using a story board. The song includes an opportunity for children to practise key phonics skills such as listening, initial sounds, rhythm and rhyme, vocabulary and imagination. You can watch the song section at a time to suit you and repeat as many times as you choose.

Finally, the outcome section of the video explores how Teddy solves his problem. You may wish to leave this part of the video until the end of the day or few days after the problem so you can explore lots of ideas with your children and give them extended thinking time.

The downloads are available to be used as activities for independent or adult supported learning and help children to practise and explore the key skills each week.

We really do love to hear from you and will respond to any ideas from you and your children so please do email, message or contact us via social media as you go along.

Emma and Vix x

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