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Welcome to Positive Drop Offs. We are so pleased that you have chosen our mini course to support you and your little one with separation at drop off time.

Whether you are anticipating difficulties, are currently experiencing challenges or are wanting to be extra prepared ahead of drop offs, you are in the right place. This mini course has been designed by us; experienced teachers, school leaders and most importantly Mums, who have ourselves experienced a range of separation issues with our own children. Using research and valuable personal experience and love, our supportive adult guide gives you the knowledge and skills to support yourself and your child through this time. And the engaging Teddy's video will get your child interested in and keen to try out new ideas for making drop offs more positive.

In addition to the course you have access to our support via email or social media messaging. There is a comprehensive troubleshooting section included in the Adult Guide but should you require more help please just contact us.

We hope you love the sessions and find it a valuable tool in supporting a calmer and more positive drop off experience for you and your child.

Best wishes,

Em and Vix xx

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