Programme Introduction

Welcome to School Ready with Teddy.

In this video I introduce myself and Teddy and explain how the sessions work. Work through the videos in your own time, it's designed to suit your busy family life. All of the sessions focus on our 3 tools for being school ready - confidence, independence and communication.

Each session includes:

- An adult guide (10 minutes long) explaining the session

-Teddy video (10-15 minutes long) for your child to watch. If you fancy 10 minutes peace, you can grab a cuppa while Ted entertains your little one OR if you are supervising, you can pause the video to discuss at certain points.

-Downloads (5-10 minutes) to follow up on the skills and practise at home.

We really do love to hear from you and will respond to any ideas from you and your child so please do email, message or contact us via social media as you go along.

Em and Vix x

P.S we sometimes use the term 'week' to refer to the session but you don't have to do them weekly, they can be done whenever it suits you.

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